Errata to

?/span>Object-Role Modeling Fundamentals

Halpin, T. (2015)

Technics Publications, New Jersey


Last updated: 2016 Nov 18




If you spot any other errors, please e-mail them to Terry Halpin at


The following corrections should be made to the first printing.


p. 8, Table 1.1: The entries in the Moons column should be lowered one row (e.g. Luna is a moon of Earth, not Venus).

p. 11, para. 3, last line: Remove final ?.?

p. 14, Table 1.3: The entries in the Moons column should be lowered one row.

p. 53, Table 2.7: Move the final two entries in the President? column down two rows.

p. 57, Table 2.8: Move the final two entries in the Phone Nr column down one row.

p. 144, Table 4.5: The deontic constraint icon for Simple Mandatory should be o? (as shown on p. 172).


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